Bamboo is a unique plant with
impressive characteristics.

Heart of Shool - Bali

The "Heart of School" in Bali is completely built of bamboo, in total of 104 987 feet of bamboo.


The origin is a tiny sprout.

Bambus ist belastbar

Not only aesthetical, but also extremely durable.

Small Trenner

Bamboo is a highly resilient and universal construction material that is clearly superior to wood (from trees) in terms of toughness and light weight. The attributes are best described by Prof. Pahl from the University of Leipzig: “With its round and hollow chamber construction bamboo meets up to almost all physical demands. Its varnish like coating does not require any type of surface treatment and yet is fully water impermeable, weather proof and imperishable against chemicals and fire.”

For the construction of our frames we use slowly growing bamboo species that have a very high density and surface hardness. After 2-3 years our bamboo tubes have the optimal rigidity and wall thingness for our load baring frame elements.

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Bambus-Bank “Pile Isle”

The bamboo bench "Pile Isle" by Elena Goray and  Christoph Tönges. Relaxing in a beautiful atmosphere.


Bamboo is an indigenous plant in Sambia.

Flughafen Madrid-Barajas

Airport Barajas of Madrid, c-weltweit ©

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The tensile strength and fracture stability of our bamboo partially exceeds that of common construction steel - while having a superior load capacity – own weight ratio. The lignified grass does also not brake spontaneously. The extremely flexible and cross aligned fiber structure, similar to carbon, prevents an immediate failure of a tube.

A gaze towards Asia shows that bamboo is a well established, accredited, fast growing and environmentally friendly construction material.

Bamboo is grown to perform.