zuri is the synonym for high value design, lifestyle and social comittment – grown to perform.
It all started with the simple idea to create a unique, sustainable and stylish bike for the new urban generation.

With bamboo we found the ideal raw material for our frames and with Zambikes in Zambia a very strong partner. Zambikes has several years of experience in building bicycle frames out of bamboo but even more importantly in Africa: fair, honest management practices as well as social and healthy working conditions.

We are creating jobs in Zambia by focusing on local frame production. It starts with growing and harvesting the bamboo, continues with several production steps of the actual frame and reaches packaging and logistics. Currently there are more than 25 workers employed that did not have a chance for employment before.

Together with our strong production partner, we were able to design a unique high-quality frame which fulfills all EU, US and Japanese standards. Quality control, the selection of components and the final bike assembly is ensured by us in Germany.